Weekly Travel Personality Type
Apr 06, 2017

Weekly Travel Personality Type


You typically want to explore areas almost without a plan and without a tour guide to discover the unexpected sights sounds and food delights that every new travel experience can bring.

Leisure travel occupies a central place in your life. If you are a typical Venturer, you go to more places, more often and participate in more unique experiences than anyone else. Typically, you like to visit relatively unknown and uncommon destinations long before travel bloggers have discovered them and encouraged crowds of people to come. You are likely to read a lot of books and magazines to learn about where else you might want to go that is truly different from the last place you visited. All in all, that’s a definition of a venturesome personality. 
In conclusion, your travel personality indicates you like to explore more than average and are willing to take the risk of choosing a destination unknown to your friends and that might turn out to be a less than satisfying vacation experience.